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The Minion Rush: Despicable Me Official Game comes from a 3D animation film featuring the exploits of an aging supervillain who wants to become relevant was unleashed into the public triggering the beginning of the Despicable Me franchise. Just like most box office hits, the characters of Despicable Me took their rightful place as icons of modern pop culture. However, nothing compared to the popularity of the banana and apple-loving Minions. The Minions movie grossed more than each of the three Despicable Me movies did.

Thought to have existed since the beginning of time. This group of small yellow one-celled organisms evolved to become the most iconic henchmen in the world of villainy. As the name suggests, minions are servile creatures whose main purpose is to seek out and please the most despicable villains in the world. Without a master or “boss”, minions succumb to a depressive state of being that is curable only by finding a new master.

Movies and shorts are not the only dominion of the cute and lovable Minions but the video games as well. One example is Minion Rush, which was gaining over 550,000 players each day and as of 2017 surpassed the 800 million download mark. To that end, you can play the iconic Minion Rush on your PC today by simply clicking on the “Play Now” button on your screen. Or you can check out some of the features of the game below.



Minion Rush as the name suggests is an auto-running game featuring the world’s favorite yellow henchmen. The game provides a fast-paced interactive experience wrapped in high-definition graphics and realistic audio. Traverse some of the most iconic locations in the movie using some of the most memorable minions in the franchise. Experience all of that and so much more once you access this brilliantly immersive game on your PC.


Brilliant Audio-Visual Minion Rush

Minion Rush being the officially licensed game features some of the best graphics and sounds in the free-to-play genre of games. The game’s presentation is comparable to those seen in big-budget AAA paid video game titles.


All the Minions in One Place

Minion Rush, in addition to notable characters like Carl, Dave, Jerry, and Mel, comes loaded with costumes straight from the movie itself. Play through the various missions and unlock some of the most hilarious costumes. Like the feather duster-holding house cleaner, the megaphone-wielding bee-do, the guacamole hat-wearing tortilla, the wish-granting fairy princess, and so much more.


Iconic Locations

Minion Rush also features some of the most iconic locations seen in the movie. Run through the corridors of the anti-villain league submarine, collect bananas in the chaotic hallways of Gru’s lab, and so much more. Explore and discover the iconic locations in the movie from a different perspective through this highly immersive game.


Tons of Rewarding Missions

Minions Rush just like most running games features a solid reward system that rewards players after each run. Expect a new surprise after each run, from in-game currency to collectible items. On top of that are the various boosters and power-ups scattered throughout each level. Most importantly, Minion Rush features a plethora of challenging missions and worlds just waiting for someone to explore. Not to mention the wide variety of special missions that comes with unique and exciting rewards.


Minion Rush Races

Minion Rush also features a competitive mode called Minion Races. In this mode, players can play as Dave or any of his costumes including Carl and Jerry. These races take place primarily in a location called Jelly Lab wherein the player gets to compete with two random players across the world. To make it more exciting, players have the option to choose and bring with him a defensive or offensive type of gadget.

Gadgets come with a star-based ranking system to measure their effectivity in the field. Gadgets are available for purchase using the real-world or in-game currency. The price for each gadget depends on their star rating and those with three stars are the priciest.


Time Attack Mode

Minion Rush also features another type of racing called Time Attack Mode. Unlike Minion Races, Time Attack Mode takes place in an endless level that comes with a countdown timer. Ranking in this event depends on the length of time the player spends on that level. To gain more time, players must reach any of the checkpoints within the level.


Minion Rush Jelly Jobs

Jelly Jobs is the secondary game mode available to players with level 50 or higher. In this mode, players are given a list of items to collect. Upon completion, players will receive a gold/silver prize pod or a blueprint. With that said, experience these features and so much more at the comfort of your PC and do not forget your banana or apple.

Minion Rush is one of the better games inspired by the iconic Despicable Me series. Nothing could be better than to explore the fun and chaotic world of Despicable Me than through the perspective of one of the Minions. Check out the game today and do not forget to share it with your friends and family. Then check out some of the other fun-filled Casual Games, like Angry Birds Rio and Flying Arrow!

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Minion Rush: Despicable Me Official Game | Free Game Download