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How to Collect Bananas and Gru Tokens in Minion Rush

Minion Rush is loaded with lots of action and special despicable missions that only your Minions can finish. Not every race is easy so you need to use in-game currency to trade power-ups, costumes, and rewards. Bananas and Gru tokens are very important in this game too, so learn how and when to collect more of these below!


Go For All The Bananas

As you can observe in the movies, Minions love Bananas! Yes, all day and every day. So as you race along, don’t forget to collect each Banana you see along the lanes. These Bananas can be used to get new costumes or power-ups as you slowly progress in the game. If you can log-in and play Minion Rush every day (and link it to your Facebook account), you get extra Bananas every day as a gift!




Another way to collect more Bananas is to run into another Minion that you see on the lane. Destroy the objects near these Minions to double the Bananas you get in the race! If you want more, use the Fluffy Unicorn as a power-up and hit the bonus stage to get an explosion of Bananas.

If you want to increase your collection of Bananas without much effort, you can wear the “worker” costume and see your Bananas increase by 10 percent! And if you have money to spare, you can purchase the Golden Banana power-up to double the number of Bananas that you get to collect in every level.


How to Get Gru Tokens

Like any game, there are lots of virtual currencies to earn in Minion Rush. In this game, there are Gru tokens which are collected whenever you complete a daily task. You can check this at the lower right corner of the main menu.

Another way to earn Gru tokens is by connecting your game account to your Facebook profile. You can do this every day to claim tokens on a daily basis! Since Gru tokens are very rare, don’t spend them recklessly. You might be tempted to do so whenever you lose a mission.

However, it’s best to just go with the “continue” option and restart the mission rather than spending your tokens. But if you really want to get more Gru tokens real bad, you can also buy them by using real money.

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