How To Play Minion Rush

Minion Rush is not just your ordinary adventure or endless racing game. It has special customization features that make it more fun and exciting to play with. For one, Minions can collect and dress up in funny costumes, then go on despicable missions just like in the movie! And of course, you get to use different Minions on various levels and showcase their inner abilities on every race.




Playing the game is very easy, even kids can progress fast towards the harder levels. Parents don’t have to be worried, because the entire game is safe and suitable for young audiences. The music, graphics, and gameplay are very kid-friendly and appropriate, much like the movies that they were based on!


Start Training

If you think you need a little bit of practice, then you can start with Training Mode! This option allows you to practice running all day and night. The great thing about this is that you can compete with other players already. Keep on practicing, and make sure to be on top of the scoreboards in the end.


Avoid or Jump Through Obstacles

The game starts with the players controlling a particular Minion. The minion automatically runs forward, players just have to make sure that the Minion can steer or avoid, jump, or slide through obstacles. There are three lanes on the race track and you can let your Minion switch lanes depending on the obstacle that is blocking the way. Don’t get distracted with the backgrounds and scenery. Concentrate on your Minion as he may bump on roadblocks along the way.

Each time you get hit, your Minion can start over where he last stopped. But if you keep bumping into obstacles after a few tries, you will be sent back to the starting point. Aside from obstacles, there are tons of floating Bananas that are there for you to collect. Some of them may be hard to reach, but that’s a challenge that you have to take on!


Collect Boosters and Power-ups

There may be times that a level can be so challenging so you need better skills to surpass the mission. Big bosses can create huge damage to your Minion so be prepared and get those special power-ups to save you!

Once you have one, your Minion will be able to race and run past those annoying bosses or obstacles. There are more prizes that await your minion at the end too. So don’t forget to collect the Bananas, tokens, coins, and even costume cards for your yellow friend.