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Minion Rush: More Despicable Missions to Play

Minion Rush is a fun adventure and racing game with lots of surprises. It will relive the adventures and shenanigans in the movies, Despicable Me and Minions, that fans surely love! The game is not just like your typical endless running game. There will be different checkpoints and levels that your Minion will encounter throughout the marathon. Aside from that, there are several modes that you can enjoy in the game. Check them out below!


Competitive Minion Races

One race is not enough, right? Well, Minion Rush has a competitive mode called Minion Races! This takes place inside the Jelly Lab where you race against other two random players from different continents. You will play as Dave and choose different costumes if you want.




This competitive mode also helps you practice your moves well before doing special missions. Your Minion will also have the option to choose and use a gadget that can help him get past the obstacles easily. Do note that 3-star rated gadgets are expensive, and this could require in-game purchases. So learn to choose which gadget is best for winning these Minion Races!


Break Records in Time Attack Mode

If you are in for a real thrill, choose the Time Attack Mode. In this mode, you will be competing against time. Your overall marathon will be timed, and finishing checkpoints within a short period will set the best record!


Complete Jelly Jobs

Minion Rush has a lot of levels that would take days for a beginner to go through. If you are a pro who can play all day, you might just be able to reach level 50 or higher and join Jelly Jobs! In this game mode, you will be given a list of certain items to find and collect during the race. Awards await at the end so you better do well in this mission.

Minion Rush is not just about running all day and night. You get to participate in despicable missions too! More missions and events are also added every time an update of the game is available, so keep an eye out for them.

Don’t forget that these special missions and events will reward you with special prizes and items. It can also reward you with more Bananas and tokens that can be used to unlock more Minion costumes and features. If you want tips on how to collect more Bananas and Gru Tokens, you can read our previous post here.